Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Witchy Comments & Graphics
~Magickal Graphics~

Jess, Dara and Mira reinforced the spell of protection around the manor using dragon’s blood, along with some other things—like crystals that they had programmed with their intent—and they had placed several small smoky crystals into the potion, chanting beneath their breath as they worked.
The three sisters clasped one another’s hands, leaving Jes’s right hand free to stir. Once more, they stood in the center of the circle. A statue of the Goddess Morrigan sat on the table. They had a feather for air, a candle for fire, a shell for water, and dirt for earth on the altar before them.
Jes continued to stir as the three sisters began to chant.

We call the ancient ones of old,
Those who have gone before us.
We call the power to help us now,
As we walk our path as Jaguar witches.

Lady bless us, protect us now,
Masters show us the way.
Light our path so we may know,
The song of the ancients.

As we speak these words of protection,
We bring the power of three.
Maiden, Mother, Crone of old,
As we will it—so mote it be.

Jes stirred in ¼ cup of Myrrh to aid in meditation, ¼ cup of Mugwort to aid psychic powers and prophetic dreaming, and a teaspoon each of honey and olive oil. She used these because they had come to her in a trance, so she had looked them up. She had found they were excellent herbs for inducing trance. They simmered the mixture and put it into a tiny container.
Mira took out three Candles: one for the Goddess, which was red, one for sisters, which was yellow, and one for the spirits and ancients, which was white. Dara took three stones, large enough to stack them with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on top. They would meditate for the next three nights on the symbols to go beneath the stones.
They began the main part of the spell in the hours just past the dark moon, calling those who would assist them as they began to chant:

Sweet Mother of the scared Moon
Just as you are round
I call your moonbeams as a boon
To see this Circle sound!

They called out to Morrigan:

Ancient Goddess of the night
We invoke you, hear our plea!
We ask that you attend this rite
To bring old knowledge to be
To sing the old songs
The words which hold the key!

They called the Quarters chanting as they lit the candles in each direction.
We call the East to bring the light of the rising Sun! We call the South to bring the knowledge that our will is done! We call the West to bring the wisdom of other days gone by! We call the North that we may sit between the earth and sky!

And then they began to chant:

Great Mother whose heart beats
Below me
Great Father Sky above
May we have the grace to know
When we’ve been shown great love!

After meditating for some time, Mira picked up the large stone to write the first symbol, knowing that they would know the order. Dara picked up the second stone, writing the symbol she had seen in meditation on the bottom and then stacked it on the first, and finally Jes picked up the third stone, and wrote her symbol on the bottom, and stacked it on the second.

Again they began to chant:

As the stones know to lie
Within the arms of time
As they hold the ancient knowledge
Between your world and mine.

Now we stand between the worlds
And know the way each lays.
So, from this day we will remember
The old songs from the pyramids they gave.

As our ancestors brought the knowledge
And the people soon forgot
We remember within the void
That silence brings the drop.